Antler X Reviews & Findings – Does It Really Work?

Muscles take a long time to develop and requires discipline and constant vigilance. The process of building muscles itself is often times long and arduous and many give up after a certain period of time because the exhaustion becomes too much.

This has been one of the pivotal factors why many muscle development products have become available on the market today and why they remain to be popular among people who want to pursue weight loss, overcome disease or bulk up.

But with the influx of muscle-focused product nowadays, it’s often hard to tell which are effective and which are not. Consequently, finding a muscle supplement that works in toning up your body effectively and efficiently is most of the time like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Recently, Antler X has been extremely popular for muscle growth and development. It contains deer antler velvet which has unique properties that fully support muscle growth and does wonders for other parts of the body.

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To learn more about it and how it works, let’s take a closer look on the many aspects of this revolutionary spray.

What is Deer Antler velvet?

As the main secret ingredient of Antler X, deer antler velvet is substance that can commonly be found in the young antlers of the male New Zealand Red Deer. This can only be found in newly-formed antlers as it is responsible for the development and hardening of the antlers until they become the characteristic large, hardened rack most often seen in adult male deer. This unique substance allows the deer’s antlers to grow at a rapid rate due to its effect on cellular division.

Deer Antler velvet is composed of various compounds that all promote cell growth and increase such as growth factors, amino acids and IGF-1. The combination of these substances make Deer Antler velvet one of the best muscle-developing agents available today.

Does It Really Work?

Despite its recent popularity in the health industry, the use Deer Antler velvet is not a novel thing as males have often used it in the ancient times to strengthen their bodies and make them more fit to hunt.

Antler X works by improving the functionality, mobility, suppleness and overall health of your joints.

The pure deer antler extract found in Antler X provides the user with an extra supply of chondroitin, glucosamine and collagen which are needed to repair connective tissues, mobilize joints and improve the health of bones and ligaments.

It helps develop muscles to become leaner and more toned but doesn’t compromise endurance, stamina and strength. In fact, Antler X also addresses these problems and gives consumers more energy and strength that they often lose after long periods of exercise and dieting. It also has the added benefit of improving libido, fertility and virility with its stimulating effects on regenerative centers.

Antler X Ingredients

Packed with various muscle-development substances, Antler X is unparalleled as a muscle-growth spray because of the presence of its secret ingredient, Deer Antler velvet. Deer Antler velvet is composed of compounds that solves all of the muscle-related problems usually encountered by people pursuing an increase in lean body mass. It contains Insulin Growth Factor-1 or IGF-1 which is the most essential compound needed for the growth and recovery of human muscles.

With almost the same distinct characteristics as human growth hormones, IGF-1 is produced by your liver in the presence of growth hormone which is now produced by the pituitary gland. It helps the body become more fit by stimulating protein synthesis and development in our muscle tissue.

Other substances found in Antler X that help in muscle growth include:

  • Tribulus terrestris – This substance is responsible for increasing a male’s natural testosterone and elevating moods.
  • Zinc and L-Glutamine – These nutrients are important for muscle repair and recovery.
  • Niacin – This by-product works by increasing the metabolism and consequently, helping the consumer improve lean muscle.
  • L-Arginine and L-Carnatine – These two amino acids focus mainly on boosting the immune system and converting fats into small, easily burnable compounds.

Antler X Side Effects

Studies conducted on the spray show no major side effect after using Antler X for muscle development. Consumers who have used the muscle spray have not reported any negative effects as well and continue to remain satisfied with its performance.


Still, when using something that is about to applied to the skin, it is important to study the product first and exercise extreme caution. Results may differ from one individual to another and it does not necessarily mean that if it worked for only a very short of time for one of your friends, that it will also be the same for you.

Scam or Genuine?

It seems that scams are a million and one nowadays and often times, consumers find it hard to believe anything they read on the net because of this. You, as a consumer, should know that the only way you can separate the truth from the numerous lies to heed the advice of the thousands of people who have tried the product and found it to be perfectly beneficial. You can also look up the advice of medical experts, nutritionists and professionals who know the workings of the human bodies best.

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Research scientists from the University of Alberta have already tested Antler X’s claims and found it to be effective in increasing athletic output and testosterone levels in the bloodstream. They recommend its use among people who want to improve their weight and develop lean muscles.

You only need to look up the testimonials of consumers and various recommendations from scientists and experts to know just how effective it is. Browse through their stories online and see for yourself what people have to say about it.

Where to Buy?

You can’t simply walk into just any brick-and-mortar establishment and find Antler X. This muscle supplement isn’t available in drug stores and even famous websites such as Amazon, Ebay, Boots and Harold and Barrett.

If you want to place an order, you can only find and purchase Antler X online HERE. The site provides all the necessary information regarding the product as well as testimonials from people who have used so you can browse through the resources available and learn all about this muscle supplement.

Antler X Discounts and Coupons

You can buy four bottles of Antler X for a limited offer price of US$149.90 and get two additional bottles free as a bonus. This will give you a 6-month supply of Antler X while saving you an extra US$150.

If want something a little cheaper, you can also purchase two bottles of Antler X for only US$99.90 and get an extra bottle free of additional charge.

But if you’re simply looking to try it out first and see how it works, you can also buy one bottle of Antler X for only US$49.90 and get yourself a month’s supply of the product.

All of your purchases will be backed by a 90-day money back guarantee so you can rest assured that investing in Antler X will be absolutely risk-free.

The Verdict

Even with the numerous muscle-focused products popping out of nowhere these days, it is still rare to find a product that not only works in developing muscles but also gives that little bit of extra in the form of nutrients, vitamins and amino acids.

For a low price, the Antler X spray can help you tone your arms and thighs and get rid of that annoying bit of flab in your middle without compromising your health or exhausting you to the point of pain. I recommend Antler X spray for its effectiveness, quickness and health benefits.

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Deer Antler Spray for Bodybuilding – How Does It Help?

deer antler for body building

Most athletes and body builders look for ways on how to increase their lean muscle. Sometimes, they tend to use steroids to expedite the process. But now, there is this sought after product that is already making a name in the market, the deer antler spray for bodybuilding, which people find more practical to use because it does not contain any steroids.

The deer antler spray is a product that came from the pre-calcified male deer velvet antlers, which undergone a cooling and freezing process.

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The primary reason why it is considered very effective is because of the presence of IGF-1 or insulin-like growth factor in it. This is a hormone that usually goes into work if paired with the growth hormone and is very responsible for the muscle growth and development. It is also used to improve physical shape and condition.

The deer antler spray is taken by spraying it under the tongue. This is taken subliminally for faster absorption and consumption as compared to pills and other forms.

When it is already utilized, it stimulates and activates growth of tissue and recovery of muscles. Bodybuilders and athletes are using this product for faster recovery of their injured muscles. This does not only help in muscle recovery, but also in the mending of damaged nerves.

It increases the production of red blood cells that aids in the delivery of oxygen to the muscles – resulting to enhanced muscle endurance. It does not only increase the amount of red blood cells, but also elevates the level of white blood cells that help boost the immune system. Also, it levels up cardiac output that causes high athletic performance, strength, energy level and stamina.

The deer antler spray can also relieve pain in the joints and muscles after suffering from a period of straining. It is also one way of losing weight because of the fact that it helps in the reduction of body fats.

It can toughen bones, increased lean body mass and assist in the metabolism of glucose. This product is not only beneficial for those who are engaged in bodybuilding, but it is also advantageous in a way that it combats ageing process by repairing damaged cells and tissues- thus, revitalizing youthfulness.

It is very effective for persons involved in intense workout because the muscle tone is improved faster and produces a more vigorous day to day performance.

As an athlete and a body builder, it is always important to take care of your health. The use of deer antler spray for bodybuilding is just one of the options given to achieve better performance. However, a good performance would be much appreciated if we always try to get it the natural way.

Deer Antler Velvet – What Is It All About?

Deer antler velvet spray review

When we are studying about ancient and traditional medicine, the first thing that comes in our minds is herbal products or those medicinal substances we got from the body parts of animals which are considered beneficial.

One animal that has been considered important in traditional medicine is the deer. Usually, when we talk about deer, the first thing that comes in our mind is the deer antler velvet – what is it all about?

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This product is well known in traditional Chinese medicine and oriental medicine. Its importance is considered secondary with ginseng. It comes from the antlers of male deer that is pre-calcified. What is it and what is the process of obtaining it?

Most of the source of velvet antler came from elk and red deer. Antlers of deer grow fast and in just a week, reach their final size and the cartilage inside it is converted into a bone.

Then, the antlers become hard and removed wherein a new velvet antler grows to replace the old one. By then, it is time to harvest the deer antler velvet.

At that point, it undergoes cooling process on tilted racks, drudge up into powder form and proceed with the freezing process. They are then processed to be consumed.

Its different sections have various usages. The upper part is usually used as a growth stimulant for children. The middle part, in which a lot of prostaglandins are obtained, is used as anti-rheumatism and in other injuries. The bottom part serves as an anti-aging agent, supports bone health, and is used by people with calcium deficiency.

The deer antler velvet contains male and female hormones, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, anti-inflammatory prostaglandins and the IGF-1 or insulin – like growth factor which is considered as one of its beneficial component.

Because of the IGF-1, it has been known as a good anti-aging and body-building product. It is a natural growth hormone recognized to strengthen muscle and increase muscle recovery time.

It is a bit controversial in sports activities because they think that it is a banned product that could increase performance in which others just take advantage of.

Aside from that, it is also thought to give remedy to certain types of cancer and kidney diseases, improves blood circulation and boost immune response.

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Deer Antler Velvet Benefits – 8 Benefits You Should Know

Many years ago, when technology is not yet advanced, people would seek the aid from nature in order to cure certain diseases in which treatments are not yet developed.

They would try to experiment the use of plants and animals as an answer to their endless worries. One of the animals that are considered very important in terms of medicinal value is the deer.

They have a velvet covering their growing cartilage and bone, which in due time- grows into antlers. They are being removed and processed to be used medically. This is the reason why most people have studied the deer antler velvet benefits to help them cure some disease.

The deer antler velvet contains female and male hormones, as well as minerals, enzymes, vitamins, prostaglandins and insulin-like growth factor. Thus, the deer antler velvet benefits have been widely known since then. These benefits include the following:

1. Immune System Booster. It can control immune system function due to the presence of a small molecular weight protein in it. It can also stimulate immune function of the spleen, lymph and bone marrow.

2. Anti-aging and anti-stress effects. Because of the presence of hormones, there is a reduction in senility signs and reduced stress level.

3. Good liver and kidney function. It can influence the RNS polymerase, an enzyme that affects liver and kidney. So in effect, it increases protein formation which is beneficial for both.

4. Stimulation of cell growth and anti-tumor effect. It contains many growth factors and anti-viral and anti-tumor substances. It contains the insulin- growth like factor that promotes muscle toning and cell growth.

5. Performance Enhancer. It has a myotropic effect that increase muscle strength andsneurotropic effect that reduces fatigue. Thus, an increase level of stamina, endurance and energy will be observed. It functions in the same way as the androsternedione , considered as a precursor of steroids that builds up muscle mass, and cut down the amount of time for injury recovery.

6. Hypertension prevention. Due to its effect of blood production it is known to improve circulation of blood, getting a better heart function and regulates heart arrhythmias.

7. Anti-rheumatism. It contains anti-inflammatory prostaglandins that reduce swelling. It also contains glucosamine sulphate and chondroitin for cartilage rebuilding and develop increased mobility of joints.

8. Treatment of enlarged prostate, watery semen and penile erection dysfunction for men and menstrual disorders for women. Because of the presence of male and female hormones, it is believed to cure illnesses that affect male and female reproductive system.

Deer antler velvet benefits are wide range and focus on almost all body functions due to the different components present in it. But a sure way to have a healthy living is by taking care of our health. This is a great practice for us people to prevent having complicated problems and engage ourselves in various kinds of treatments.

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