Deer Antler Velvet Benefits – 8 Benefits You Should Know

Many years ago, when technology is not yet advanced, people would seek the aid from nature in order to cure certain diseases in which treatments are not yet developed.

They would try to experiment the use of plants and animals as an answer to their endless worries. One of the animals that are considered very important in terms of medicinal value is the deer.

They have a velvet covering their growing cartilage and bone, which in due time- grows into antlers. They are being removed and processed to be used medically. This is the reason why most people have studied the deer antler velvet benefits to help them cure some disease.

The deer antler velvet contains female and male hormones, as well as minerals, enzymes, vitamins, prostaglandins and insulin-like growth factor. Thus, the deer antler velvet benefits have been widely known since then. These benefits include the following:

1. Immune System Booster. It can control immune system function due to the presence of a small molecular weight protein in it. It can also stimulate immune function of the spleen, lymph and bone marrow.

2. Anti-aging and anti-stress effects. Because of the presence of hormones, there is a reduction in senility signs and reduced stress level.

3. Good liver and kidney function. It can influence the RNS polymerase, an enzyme that affects liver and kidney. So in effect, it increases protein formation which is beneficial for both.

4. Stimulation of cell growth and anti-tumor effect. It contains many growth factors and anti-viral and anti-tumor substances. It contains the insulin- growth like factor that promotes muscle toning and cell growth.

5. Performance Enhancer. It has a myotropic effect that increase muscle strength andsneurotropic effect that reduces fatigue. Thus, an increase level of stamina, endurance and energy will be observed. It functions in the same way as the androsternedione , considered as a precursor of steroids that builds up muscle mass, and cut down the amount of time for injury recovery.

6. Hypertension prevention. Due to its effect of blood production it is known to improve circulation of blood, getting a better heart function and regulates heart arrhythmias.

7. Anti-rheumatism. It contains anti-inflammatory prostaglandins that reduce swelling. It also contains glucosamine sulphate and chondroitin for cartilage rebuilding and develop increased mobility of joints.

8. Treatment of enlarged prostate, watery semen and penile erection dysfunction for men and menstrual disorders for women. Because of the presence of male and female hormones, it is believed to cure illnesses that affect male and female reproductive system.

Deer antler velvet benefits are wide range and focus on almost all body functions due to the different components present in it. But a sure way to have a healthy living is by taking care of our health. This is a great practice for us people to prevent having complicated problems and engage ourselves in various kinds of treatments.

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